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R.A. SYSTEM competitive advantage is the plant vision that is at the base of any of its project and allows keeping the production process quality as first actor in any developing process.
In particular, R.A. SYSTEM has concentrated its design potential in the realization of systems in the following sectors:
  • process control (industrial furnaces for reheating, treatment and firing, steam generators, boilers and refrigeration units);
  • computer supervision for both industrial processes (real-time processes) and technological plants (plant monitoring, alarms centralization and logging and statistical analysis).
Generally, system developed by R.A. SYSTEM can be grouped in the following types:
  • systems based on digital process regulators. R.A. SYSTEM has analyzed and selected a series of product from the market being able to grant high precision and reliability;
  • systems based on programmable logic controllers (PLC) with operator interface stations (MMI, HMI) and plant supervision stations. During the years, R.A. SYSTEM technician have developed applications over PLC from any the market leader producer;
  • distributed control systems (DCS) with operator interface stations (MMI, HMI) and plant supervision stations;
  • level 2 systems, as stand-alone solutions or integrated in supervision systems, mainly for the optimization of reheating furnaces.
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