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Diaphragms and Transmitters

One of the fundamental roles within the automation of the processes is given by the measurement of physical dimensions and their transformation in electric signals manageable from electronic equipments (typically 4-20mA signals).

Particularly, for what concerns the combustion regulation, the values on which automation works are temperatures, flows and pressures.

Flows and pressures of liquids and gas are typically measured through delta P transmitters that read the pressure fall in the pipeline after the passage of the fluid through a diaphragm opportunely calibrated.

R.A. SYSTEM is able to calculate and to build the diaphragms to be installed in the pipelines and to program and to test the delta P transmitters, to supply the whole system of measurement of flow and/or pressure.

For these products it is available the following documentation (pdf format):
Measure diaphragm brochure

Transmiter_A Transmitter_R Diaframma_disco_semplice Diaframma_areco Diaframma_camere_anulari
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