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The butterfly valves type 5500 produced by R.A. SYSTEM is typically used for the regulation of flow and/or pressure of air, gas and liquids.

Main characteristics of these valves are:
  • wafer construction for installation on UNI-ISO PN2.5, PN6, PN10, PN16 or ASA150 flanges;
  • diameters starting from DN50 up to DN2000 and more;
  • granted for working up to 120°C (R1 model) or up to 650°C (R5-R6 models);
  • available with the optional metallic beat to improve its sealing.
For this product it is available the following documentation:
Brochure mod. R1
Brochure mod. R1G
Brochure mode. R5
Brochure mod. R6

R1_DN300 R1_DN300_ATT_BOX R1_DN400_ATT R1G_DN100_4521 R1G_DN100_ATT R5_4501 R5_DN300 R5_DN300_ATT_BOX_EV R5_DN400_4521 R5_DN500_ATT
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